Nominated by:

The State Library of South Australia, Adelaide

De Bibliotheek Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Publisher of nominated edition:

Atlantic Books, UK

Hogarth Press, USA

Summer House with Swimming Pool

Herman Koch      

Translated from the Dutch by Sam Garrett

2016 Longlist

Marc Schlosser is a doctor to the rich and famous.

When his most famous patient, the actor Ralph Meier, invites him and his family on holiday, Marc finds that he can’t refuse. But by the time the suntans fade, Ralph Meier is dead.

The medical board accuses Marc of negligence.

Ralph’s wife, however, accuses him of murder…

(from publisher)

About the Author

Herman Koch, born in 1953, is a Dutch writer. He was a renowned television actor on the series Jiskefet and a former columnist for the newspaper Volkskrant. His novel The Dinner won the prestigious Publieksprijs Prize in 2009 and went on to be a huge international bestseller. Summer House with Swimming Pool is his seventh novel. He currently lives in Amsterdam.

Librarian’s Comments

A real black comedy/drama with plenty of moral and ethical questions to be answered. Some of the events portrayed aren’t particularly savoury, but it’s an intriguing story nevertheless with many twists and delemmas. There are some uncomfortable moments especially with the main character and some of the dispassionate and morally ambiguous views he holds. Much enjoyed story by all our panel.

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