Nominated by:

Stadtbibliothek Bremen, Germany

Leipziger Stadtische Bibliotheken, Germany

Publisher of nominated edition:

MacLehose Press, UK


Alissa Walser      

Translated from the original German by Jamie Bulloch

2014 Longlist

Mozart’s Vienna. A crucible for scientific experimentation and courtly intrigue, as Europe’s finest minds vie for imperial favour.

In a colourful, chaotic private hospital that echoes with the shrieks of hysterical patients, Franz Anton Mesmer is developing a series of controversial cure-alls for body and mind.

When he is asked to help restore the sight of a blind musical prodigy favoured by the Empress herself, he senses that fame, and even immortality, is within his grasp. Mesmer knows that he will have to gain her trust if he is to open her eyes. But at what cost to her fragile talent? And will their intimacy result in scandal?

(From Publisher)

About the Author

Alissa Walser is a writer, translator and painter living in Frankfurt am Main. She is the author of three volumes of short stories, and for her first novel Mesmerized she was awarded the Spycher Literaturpreis in 2010.

Librarian’s Comments

Mesmerized is a subtle, touching novel, written in a language full of music. Vienna in the late 1700s – the story of the German physician Franz Mesmer who practiced the movement of life energy through the body with the help of magnets to cure patients.

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