Nominated by:

The National Library of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Publisher of nominated edition:

Monopoly Publications, Malaysia

John Solomon and the Fifth Island

Samuill Tiew      

Translated from the Malay by Szakif Enterprize

2015 Longlist

Orphaned as an infant, John Solomon knew only tragedy and despair throughout his young life. However, he was no ordinary boy.

Plagued by recurrent visions and vivid dreams of a great Phoenix rising from the ashes, an incidental finding at his part-time job seemed to hold the key. From his humble beginnings to the mysterious Fifth Island, his journey through a land of angels, were-gradons and mystical creatures of all shapes and sizes began.

On the Fifth Island, John Solomon would soon confront his mysterious origins and realise his true destiny!

(From Publisher)

About the Author

Samuill Tiew, a Malaysian Chinese writer hails from Selangor, Malaysia. From his passion and deep interest in the international entertainment industry, his first fantasy fictional novel was born. As the adventures slowly progressed from chapter to chapter, each time he put his pen to paper, the author pictured himself directing scenes from an epic movie. Enjoy the adventure!

Librarian’s Comments

The story is about John Solomon, an orphan who is considered to be a bad luck carrier. He is disliked everywhere and know only tragedy and despair throughout his young life. The language of the novel is straight forward, conversational and easy to understand.

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