Nominated by:

Zentralbibliothek Zürich, Switzerland

Publisher of nominated edition:

Salt Publishing, UK

Ghost Moon

Ron Butlin      

2016 Longlist

Having been thrown out onto the Edinburgh streets by her family, Maggie knows she must fight to survive. Many years later, the struggles she had to endure can be kept a secret no longer.

Set mostly in post-war Britain and inspired by a real-life story, Ghost Moon is narrated with humour and compassion. A life-affirming read.

(from publisher)

About the Author

With an international reputation as a prize-winning novelist, Ron Butlin is also the Edinburgh Makar (poet laureate). In 2009 he was made the first ever Honorary Writing fellow (together with Ian Rankin) at Edinburgh University. Much of his poetry, as well as many of his novels and short stories have been broadcast and translated into over ten languages. In addition to his plays for BBC radio and theatre (most recently Sweet Dreams for Oran Mor in Glasgow), he has written five operas, two of them for Scottish Opera.

Librarian’s Comments

The reader slowly hears the story of Maggie. Now an old lady with dementia, her story of giving birth to her son while unmarried, her struggles with social exclusion and her battle to keep her son from forced adoption in a highly moralistic society is told with haunting urgency. Butlin’s style is gripping as usual.

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