Nominated by:

National Library of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Publisher of nominated edition:

Silverfish Books, Malaysia


Rozlan Mohd Noor      

2013 Longlist

A married man and his young woman companion, whom he is planning to marry in Thailand shortly, are found dead in a car locked from the inside, with gunshot wounds, during Ramadan, on the DUKExpressway leading out of the city. It looks like an obvious case of murder-cum-suicide to all but Inspector Mislan, who is surprised by the amount of political interference and pressure he gets to close the case quickly, and at the attempts to frame him up for the fall.

Another great Malaysian crime novel by Rozlan Mohd Noor, with an ending that will surprise even the most ardent fan of the genre.

(From Publisher)

About the Author

Rozlan Mohd Noor was an officer with the Royal Malaysian Police for 11 years before opting for a career in human resource management.  He worked in several major corporations and multinationals before, eventually, starting his own HR and security consultancy.

Even after leaving the force, the evolution of crime scene investigation (CSI), and the introduction of technology continues to fascinate him.  Initially, he wrote crime stories to entertain friends.  Later, encouraged by them, he started working on novels.

Librarian’s Comments

This Malaysian novel is about a married man and his young woman companion, who are planning to marry in Thailand shortly, they are found dead with gunshot wounds in a car locked from inside. The murder happened on the DUKExpressway while they were leading out of the city during Ramadan.

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