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Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Libraries of The Hague, The Netherlands

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World Editions, The Netherlands

You Have Me to Love

Jaap Robben      

Translated from the original Dutch by David Doherty

2017 Longlist

Mikael lives with his parents on a small, remote island. At the age of nine, his father disappears into the sea. Mikael keeps silent about what actually happened. Guilt and inner conflicts torment and consume him, but then his mother forces him to do the impossible…

(from publisher)

About the Author

The multitalented Jaap Robben is a Dutch poet, novelist, playwright and performer. Author of several highly praised children’s books, You Have Me to Love is his first novel for adults. It has received great critical acclaim in the Netherlands and was awarded the Dioraphte Prize and the ANV Debut Prize. Dutch booksellers selected You Have Me to Love as the best book of 2014. You Have Me to Love will be made into a film by CTM Pictures.

Librarians’ Comments

The narrator of this gripping story is a sensitive, lucid boy of nine, Mikael, who lives with his parents on a remote island. When he witnesses his father disappear into the sea, he does not tell his mother what actually happened. In the years that follow, he carries the burden of his guilt and seems content with the little the island has to offer. But more and more his mother claims his attention until she forces him to do the impossible.

This debut novel won the Dutch Booksellers Award in 2014.

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