Nominated by:

National Library of Malaysia

Publisher of nominated edition:

Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Malaysia

Tree of Sorrow

Malim Ghozali PK      

Translated from the Malay

2016 Longlist

As a prince who was being groomed to ascend the seat of the state royal household, TC’s vengeance towards The Pangkor Treaty and writing of his motherland’s history and his race now seemed in limbo. He was an educated young man who understood the meaning of the coexistence of a ruler and his subjects. The moment destiny wrenched him to the Mental Hospital, his universe immediately changed.  Fortunately, his unexpected friendship with Haji The Nering Tree, Dr. Uzai, Sister Yuria, Bina, Arbakyah and Abang Topi gave him the true meaning of life. TC loved his race and his motherland. His dreams were not about the palace, but hovered around the villages on the thatched roof houses and the river.

Only when his body was entrapped in his new found world, did he realize that in the palace also existed dishonesty and treachery, with all its intrigue. Could TC be able to settle his score with The Pangkor Treaty 1874, which according to him was the black spot in the history of his race? Tree of Sorrow is a subtle new historicism text that courageously placed a precondition to the writing of the history of the Malays.

About the Author

Malim Ghozali PK works in a variety of literary genres. Among his best-known works are; the novel Redang, the short story collection Usia, and poetry volume Gemaruang. His awards include an ESSO-GAPENA Literary Prize, a Public Bank Literary Award, the Berita Publications Literary Prize, and two Malaysian Literary Prizes. In 2007 he became a fellow in writing in the Iowa International Writing Program. Since 2010, he has served as a Senior Research Fellow at Institute Darul Ridzuan. In 2013 he received the S.E.A. Award from the Government of Thailand. Malim lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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