Nominated by:

Biblioteca Pública Municipal do Porto, Portugal

Publisher of nominated edition:

Overlook Press, USA

The Warsaw Anagrams

Richard Zimler      

2013 Longlist

Warsaw, 1941–an exhausted and elderly psychiatrist named Erik Cohen makes his way home to the Jewish ghetto after being interned in a Nazi labor camp. Yet only one visionary man—Heniek Corben— can see him and hear him. Heniek soon realizes that Cohen has become an ibbur—a spirit. But how and why has he taken this form?

As Cohen recounts his disturbing and moving story, small but telling inconsistencies appear in his narrative. Heniek begins to believe that Cohen is not the secular Jew he claims to be, but may, in fact, be a student of practical Kabbalah—of magic. Why is he lying? And what is the importance of the anagrams he creates for the names of his friends and relatives? Heniek traces his suspicions and comes to an astonishing conclusion—one that has consequences for his own identity and life, and perhaps for the reader’s as well.

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About the Author

Richard Zimler has published seven novels including The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon, published by Overlook. His novels have appeared on bestseller lists in twelve countries, including the U.S., Great Britain, Portugal, Italy, and Australia. Richard also writes reviews for the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle.

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