Nominated by:

The State Library of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Dublin City Public Libraries, Ireland

Publisher of nominated edition:

Text publishing Company, Australia

MacLehose Press, UK

The Voyage

Murray Bail      

2014 Longlist

Frank Delage, piano manufacturer from Sydney, travels to Vienna, a city immersed in music, to present the Delage concert grand. He hopes to impress with its technical precision, its improvement on the old pianos of Europe.

How could he not know his piano is all wrong for Vienna? Perhaps he should have tried Berlin.
But a chance meeting with Amalia von Schalla brings new possibilities for Delage—connections, her daughter Elisabeth, and an avant garde composer. Now travelling home, on a container ship, with Elisabeth, the real story is about to begin.

Murray Bail’s new work is the perfect gift for lovers of fine literature.

(From Publisher)

About the Author

Murray Bail was born in Adelaide in 1941. He has won numerous awards, including the Commonwealth Writers Prize and the Miles Franklin Literary Award for Eucalyptus. His novel, The Pages, was published in 2008 to great acclaim.

Librarian’s Comments

A captivating, wryly humourous novel exhibiting a flood of imagination with an attentive and clever use of language.

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