Nominated by:

Katona József Library of Bács-Kiskun county, Kecskemét, Hungary

Publisher of nominated edition:

Atlantic Books, UK

The Undertaking

Audrey Magee      

2016 Longlist

A soldier on the Russian Front marries a photograph of a woman he has never met. Hundreds of miles away in Berlin, the woman marries a photograph of the soldier. It is a contract of business rather than love. When the newlywed strangers finally meet, however, passion blossoms and they begin to imagine a life together under the bright promise of Nazi Germany. But as the tide of war turns and Allied enemies come ever closer, the couple find themselves facing the terrible consequences of being ordinary people stained with their small share of an extraordinary guilt…

(from publisher)

About the Author

Audrey Magee worked for twelve years as a journalist and has written for, among others, The Times, The Irish Times, the Observer and the Guardian. She studied German and French at University College Dublin and journalism at Dublin City University. She lives in Wicklow with her husband and three daughters. The Undertaking is her first novel.

Librarian’s Comments

This war novel depicts with boldness the everyday life, attitude and beliefs of an ordinary German family during WWII. Although depicted from the German perspective, the themes and the force of the historical events affecting the lives of small people during wars are universal.

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