Nominated by:

Biblioteca Municipal de Oeiras, Portugal

Biblioteca Pública Municipal do Porto, Portugal

Publisher of nominated edition:

Amazon Crossing, USA

The Shelf Life of Happiness

David Machado      

Translated from the Portuguese by Hillary Locke

2018 Longlist

Ripped apart by Portugal’s financial crisis, Daniel’s family is struggling to adjust to circumstances beyond their control. His wife and children move out to live with family hours away, but Daniel believes against all odds that he will find a job and everything will return to normal.

Even as he loses his home, suffers severe damage to his car, and finds himself living in his old, abandoned office building, Daniel fights the realization that things have changed. He’s unable to see what remains among the rubble—friendship, his family’s love, and people’s deep desire to connect. If Daniel can let go of the past and find his true self, he just might save not only himself but also everyone that really matters to him..

About the author

David Machado hails from Lisbon, Portugal, and writes fiction for both adults and children. His books are popular in Portugal and have been awarded literary prizes, including the European Union Prize for Literature for the Portuguese version of this novel, Índice médio de felicidade (The Shelf Life of Happiness), which he adapted into a screenplay in 2016. When he’s not traveling, he lives in Lisbon with his wife and two children.

(from publisher)

Librarian’s comments

The Portuguese edition of this book won the European Union Prize for Literature in 2015.

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