Nominated by:

Colombo Public Library, Sri Lanka

Publisher of nominated edition:

Godage & Brothers, Sri Lanka

The Scribe

Sobani Iddamalgoda      

2016 Longlist

In the night after meditation with the monk, feeling the end nearing me, I write the last entries in my document. I write that I want my four begging bowls of the Buddhas to go to Kosala and Subha after my death. The monk would inform them of my wish. I write down the location where they would find them and tell them how to keep the Naaga away. I hope Kosala will not return them. Mortals are unpredictable.

(from publisher)

About the author

The Scribe is Sobani Iddamalgoda’s fourth novel. Through her main characters she trys to discuss the human being as it struggles to make meaning in his/her situation. Some of her other works include Tapestry, A Moment with Hinnihamy, Mind Sped and Interesting English. Sobani lives in Sri Lanka.

Librarian’s comments

The story of the “scribe” from outer space who comes to record evolution of man from beast to the “teachers of the cosmos” carries a message told in simple but aresting language. The theme is unusual and speaks of the essence of humanity with both its negativity and positivity seen throught the scribe’s eyes.

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