Nominated by:

The National Library of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpar

Publisher of nominated edition:

Partridge, Malaysia

The River is Indigo

Suleiman Manan      

2018 Longlist

The River is Indigo which begins in Java in the 1930s, is a story of mystical dreams, dire predictions, a family curse and destiny gone wrong.

The young, prodigious Hamzah is raised by his grandmother, the enormously matriarchal Ibu Tutik who loves him dearly, in an extraordinary mansion known as the Mataram House. Hamzah’s life is intertwined with Mataram House and he is sworn by an oath never to leave it.

On his thirteenth birthday his father, Norreddin, steals him away and together they clandestinely escape in the dead of night from Mataram House, thus betraying the sworn oath. Immediately his life is bedevilled with tortuous elements. At every crossroad Mataram House shadows him, tormenting him, deciding for him the path he takes, as though the forces of fate are taking complete control of his own free will. From then on his life is no longer his own to live.

About the author

Suleiman Manan is a Malaysian and a successful entrepreneur. This work of fiction is inspired by his passion for books and the myriad of novels he has read over the years. The River is Indigo is the fulfilment of a long cherished dream and a personal challenge to himself to write his own novel. At the time of publication of this book he is 78 years old.

(from publisher)

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