Nominated by:

National Library of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpar

Publisher of nominated edition:

Gerakbudaya Enterprise, Malaysia

The Red Bicycle

Dave Anthony      

2018 Longlist

The brave fighters of the Communist Party of Malaya lived hard lives in the jungles, pledging allegiance to the Party above all else. But despite their dedication, many were lost due to a traitor in their midst – one so high-ranking that nobody would have suspected him.

Dave Anthony’s historical novel follows the developing love of two of the guerrilla fighters; the multiple identities of their Beloved Leader and the uneasy cooperation between the British and the communists against their common enemy.

About the author

Dave Anthony is a Malaysian of Indian origin. He has worked extensively with the rubber tapping community across the length and breadth of peninsular Malaysia. He was editor and publisher of Church magazine for 15 years and the director of a communication centre and a production house making video productions such as corporate documentaries and docudramas. He lives in Malaysia with his wife and two sons.

(from publisher)

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