Nominated by:

Openbare Bibliotheek Brugge, Belgium

Aarhus Kommunes Biblioteker, Denmark

Chicago Public Library, USA

Publisher of nominated edition:

Atlantic Books, UK

W.W. Norton, USA

The Prophets of Eternal Fjord

Kim Leine    

Translated from the original Danish by Martin Aitken

Idealistic, misguided Morten Falch is a newly ordained priest sailing to Greenland in 1787 to convert the Inuit to the Danish church. A rugged outpost battered by harsh winters, Sukkertoppen is overshadowed by the threat of dissent; natives from neighbouring villages have united to reject Danish rule and establish their own settlement atop Eternal Fjord. As Falck becomes involved with those in his care – his ambitious catechist, a lonely trader’s wife, and a fatalistic widow he comes to love – his faith and reputation are dangerously called into question.

(from publisher)

About the Author & Translator

Kim Leine is a Danish-Norwegian novelist. He received the Golden Lauren award and the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize for his fourth novel, The Prophets of Eternal Fjord.

Martin Aitken is an acclaimed Danish-language translator.

Librarians’ Comments

The winner of the prestigious Nordic Council’s literature prize is a remarkable historic novel about the colonies in West-Greenland at the end of the 18th century, in which Leine skilfully brings the past to life. This is a real masterpiece in which the enigmatic main protagonist , Marten Pedersen, takes you on an unpredictable journey from the streets of Copenhagen to the frozen outskirts of Greenland. A novel full of lust, faith, calamity and persecution.

Kim Leine charts the tragic events that intertwine seemingly disparate lives, illuminating the brutal and tender impulses of those seeking redemption and the shifting line between religion and mysticism. At once exotic and disturbingly relevant, a starting point for reflection and above all, a unique and compelling reading experience.

Leine’s saga follows Morten Falck, a deeply flawed Danish priest and missionary, from the alleys of Copenhagen to the fjords of Greenland. Crafted in a way that forces the reader to feel the itch of crawling lice and smell the stench of rotten blubber, this brutal yet majestic novel explores the complex relationship of the colonizer and the colonized.

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