Nominated by:

Biblioteca Pública Municipal do Porto, Portugal

Publisher of nominated edition:

Corsair, UK

The Night Watchman

Richard Zimler      

2016 Longlist

A chilling psychological mystery, The Night Watchman is a uniquely moving portrait of a troubled police detective and his family, Chief Inspector Henrique Monroe of the Lisbon Police Department is not your usual cop. Eccentric, elliptical – and stunningly observant – his peculiar behavior at crime scenes is legendary. But his colleagues put up with it because, in the end, Monroe’s the best of the best. But he has a double-sided secret. And when he’s called to investigate the brutal slaying of well-connected Portuguese businessman Pedro Coutinho, it’s not just the murder case that will unravel – but his own identity, too.

As Monroe’s investigations lead him deep into a torrid world of shady political corruption and sexual violence, the details of the case trigger memories from his childhood in rural Colorado – memories he has travelled far, and worked hard, to hide. His behavior becomes even more upsetting and inappropriate than usual, and even his family – his wife, his brother and his two young boys – start to fear for the man they thought they knew.

Henrique struggles to move his investigation forward whilst keeping the walls of his identity from crumbling. And then, another violent crime changes his life forever, destroying any chance he has of continuing to keep his secret . . .

(from publisher)

About the Author

Richard Zimler was born in New York but has lived in Portugal for the past 30 years. He has written six novels, most recently The Warsaw Anagrams. Zimler’s novels have been international bestsellers; he has won numerous prizes and is a regular contributor to the Los Angeles Times Book Review.

Librarian’s Comments

The Night Watchman is a disturbing psychological mystery and yet moving portrayal of a disturbed police detective and his family.

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