Nominated by:

Dunedin Public Libraries, New Zealand

Publisher of nominated edition:

Quercus Publishing, UK

The Invisible Ones

Stef Penney      

2013 Longlist

Rose Janko is missing. It has been seven years since she disappeared, and nobody said a word.

Now, following the death of his wife, her father Leon feels compelled to find her. Rumour had it she ran off when her baby boy was born with the family’s genetic disorder. Leon is not so sure. He wants to know the truth and he hires a private investigator to discover it – Ray Lovell.

Ray starts to delve deeper, but his investigation is hampered by the very people who ought to be helping him – the Jankos. He cannot understand their reluctance to help.

Why don’t they want to find Rose Janko?

(From Publisher)

About the Author

Stef Penney was born and grew up in Edinburgh. After a degree in Philosophy and Theology from Bristol University she turned to film-making, studying Film and TV at Bournemouth College of Art. On graduation she was selected for the Carlton Television New Writers Scheme and has since written and directed two short films. Her first novel, The Tenderness of Wolves is a world-wide bestseller and prolific award-winner. Stef lives in London.

Librarian’s Comments

The Invisible Ones is a novel about a Romany family in modern Britain that exposes the Romany way of life and their treatment by society. Excellent book and a wonderful story.

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