Nominated by:

Newcastle Libraries, United Kingdom

Publisher of nominated edition:

Piatkus Books, UK

The Guilty One

Lisa Ballantyne      

2014 Longlist

A little boy was found dead in a children’s playground…

Daniel Hunter has spent years defending lost causes as a solicitor in London. But his life changes when he is introduced to Sebastian, an eleven-year-old accused of murdering an innocent young boy.

As he plunges into the muddy depths of Sebastian’s troubled home life, Daniel thinks back to his own childhood in foster care – and to Minnie, the woman whose love saved him, until she, too, betrayed him so badly that he cut her out of his life.

But what crime did Minnie commit that made Daniel disregard her for fifteen years? And will Daniel’s identification with a child on trial for murder make him question everything he ever believed in?

(From Publisher)

About the Author

Lisa Ballantyne was born in Armadale, West Lothian, Scotland and was educated at Armadale Academy and University of St Andrews. She spent most of her twenties working and living in China, before returning to the UK in 2002, to work in Higher Education. She lives in Glasgow; this is her first novel.

Librarian’s Comments

The author travels between past and present while creating suspense and mystery and keeping the reader enthralled. Vivid courtroom scenes are fascinating and realistic, leading to the chilling climax of the book. This debut novel was also voted winner of the Richard and Judy Autumn 2012 Bookclub.

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