Nominated by:

Biblioteca Demonstrativa de Brasília, Brazil

Fundacao Biblioteca Nacional, Brazil

Publisher of nominated edition:

Dalkey Archive Press, Ireland & USA

The Book of Emotions

João Almino      

Translated from the original Portuguese by Elizabeth Jackson

2014 Longlist

Isolating these moments in his memory and attempting to analyze them much like a lens, he envisions “a haiku stripped of rhetoric that captures only what is in front of the camera.” Yet, deprived of his sight, the photographer now must reconstruct his experiences as a series of affective snapshots, a diary of his emotions as they were frozen on this or that day. The result, then, is not the description of a remembered image, but of the emotional memory the image evokes. João Almino here gives us a trenchant portrait of an artist trying to close the gap between objective vision and sentimental memory, leafing through a catalog of his accomplishments and failures in a violent, artificial, universal city, and trying to reassemble the puzzle that was his life.

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About the Author

João Almino is the acclaimed author of The Five Seasons of Love. He has taught at Berkeley, Stanford, The University of Chicago, The Autonomous National University of Mexico, and The University of Brasilia.

Librarian’s Comments

João Almino achieves with this book fictional maturity and reveals his ability to write a delicate story but still a strong one, intertwining lives and times.

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