Nominated by:

Biblioteca Demonstrativa Maria da Conceição Moreira Salles, Brasilia, Brazil

Publisher of nominated edition:

Europa Editions, USA

Sergio Y.

Alexandre Vidal Porto      

Translated from the Portuguese by Alex Ladd

2018 Longlist

A startling and inspirational work of transgender fiction by a leading figure in Brazil’s “New Urban” fiction movement.

Armando is one of the most renowned therapists in São Paulo. One of his patients, a 17-year-old boy by the name of Sergio, abruptly interrupts his course of therapy after a trip to New York. Sergio’s cursory explanation to Armando is that he has finally found his own path to happiness and must pursue it.

For years, without any further news of Sergio, Armando wonders what happened to his patient. He subsequently learns that Sergio is living a happy life in New York and that he is now a woman, Sandra. Not long after this startling discovery, however, Armando is shocked to read about Sandra’s unexpected death. In an attempt to discover the truth about Sergio and Sandra’s life, Armando starts investigating on his own.

Sergio Y. is a unique and moving story about gender, identity, and the search for happiness.

About the author

Alexandre Vidal Porto was born in São Paulo. A career diplomat, a Harvard-trained lawyer, and a human rights activist, he writes a regular column for Folha de S. Paulo. His fiction has appeared in some of the most respected literary publications in Brazil and also abroad. Sergio Y. was the winner of the Parana Literary Prize for best novel.

(from publisher)

Librarian’s comments

Literary subtlety in beautiful nuances, simple writing but so very powerful, this book tackles sensitive issues in beautiful prose. Complex, intriguing and thoughtful, it is not an easy reading book; notwithstanding it seems to be the perfect one for our present troubled era. An era when accepting one another as different as we are, is so hard, so unbearable. To deal with oneself sometimes may be liberating, even exhilarating, but devastating as well. Read and find out why Alexandre Vidal Porto has conquered one of the most prestigious literary Brazilian awards, the Parana Literary Prize for best novel.

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