Nominated by:

The Libraries of The Hague, The Netherlands

Publisher of nominated edition:

MacLehose Press, UK

News from Berlin

Otto de Kat      

Translated from the Dutch by Ina Rilke

2016 Longlist

June 1941. Dutch diplomat Oscar Verschuur has been posted to neutral Switzerland. His family is spread across Europe. His wife Kate works as a nurse in London and their daughter Emma is living in Berlin with her husband Carl, a ‘good’ German who works at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Briefly reunited with her father in a restaurant in Geneva, Emma drops a bombshell. A date and a codename, and the fate of nations is placed in Verschuur’s hands: June 22, Barbarossa.

What should he do? Warn the world, or put his daughter’s safety first? The Gestapo are watching them both. And with Stalin lulled by his alliance with Hitler, will anyone even listen?

(from publisher)

About the Author

Otto de Kat is fast gaining a reputation as one of Europe’s sharpest and most lucid writers. News from Berlin, a book for all readers, a true page-turner driven by the pulse of a ticking clock, confirms him as a storyteller of subtly extravagant gifts.

Librarian’s Comments

Gripping novel about the almost impossible decisions a Dutch diplomate in Bern has to make in the Second World War.

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