Nominated by:

de Bibliotheek Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Publisher of nominated edition:

World Editions, The Netherlands

Gliding Flight

Anne-Gine Goemans      

Translated from the original Dutch by Nancy Forest-Flier

2017 Longlist

Inventive, dreamy Gieles lives with his father and a flock of geese on a spotters’ campground next to an airstrip. Gieles is longing for affection – from the mysterious dreadlocked girl he has met online, and also from his mother, who is always away on hopeless missions to save the world. With an ingenious but dangerous plan he tries to attract their attention.

(from publisher)

About the Author

Gliding Flight is Anne-Gine Goemans’s (the Netherlands) second novel. It was awarded the Dioraphte Literary Award and the German M. Pionier Award for new literary talent. It also appeared on the longlist for the prestigious Libris Literature Prize and film rights have been sold.

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