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Fates and Furies

Lauren Groff      

2017 Longlist

Every story has two sides. Every relationship has two perspectives. And sometimes, it turns out, the key to a great marriage is not its truths but its secrets. At the core of this rich, expansive, layered novel, Lauren Groff presents the story of one such marriage over the course of twenty-four years.

At age twenty-two, Lotto and Mathilde are tall, glamorous, madly in love, and destined for greatness. A decade later, their marriage is still the envy of their friends, but with an electric thrill we understand that things are even more complicated and remarkable than they have seemed. With stunning revelations and multiple threads, and in prose that is vibrantly alive and original, Groff delivers a deeply satisfying novel about love, art, creativity, and power that is unlike anything that has come before it. Profound, surprising, propulsive, and emotionally riveting, it stirs both the mind and the heart.

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About the Author

Lauren Groff is the New York Times-bestselling author of three novels, The Monsters of Templeton, Arcadia, and Fates and Furies, and the celebrated short-story collection Delicate Edible Birds. Her work has been featured in The New Yorker, Harper’s, The Atlantic, and several Best American Short Stories anthologies; has won the Paul Bowles Prize for Fiction, the PEN/O. Henry Award, and the Pushcart Prize; and has been a finalist for the National Book Award, the National Book Critics Circle Award, the Orange Award for New Writers, and the L.A. Times Book Prize.

Librarians’ Comments

Fates and Furies presents a complex examination of marriage with vibrant and original language.

Groff’s creative novel examines the complex marriage between the playwright, Lancelot, and his wife, Mathilde. In addition to writing interesting plot twists, memorable characters and references to Greek mythology, Groff deftly probes the creative process itself.

Fates and Furies peels back the layers of a marriage from the perspectives of each spouse, revealing that the glue holding their relationship together was constructed from their secrets as much as their truths.

Every story has two sides and this dazzling examination of a marriage, is also a portrait of creative partnership. Lauren Groff paints just such a relationship of one such marriage that lasts twenty-four years. Lotto and Mathilde are madly in love and destined for greatness when married at the young age of twenty-two. They are the envy of their friends after a decade of marriage. This is an exhilarating novel about marriage, creativity, art and perception that is unlike anything previous.

A story about a husband and wife, an artist and a patron, a naïve optimist and a cunning survivor, equal parts story and character driven, the novel will leave the reader wondering if we can truly know another, even someone we spend our life with.

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