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Ethiopian National Archives and Library Agency, Ethiopia

Publisher of nominated edition:

Rehobot Printers Ltd., Ethopia

Eyes and Mist

Tariku Abas Etenesh      

2014 Longlist

Eyes and Mist is an experimental novel that tries to create discussion about some of the prominent issues of our world today: the issue of energy and its impacts in our everyday lives and the need to change them for the higher ideals of human solidarity.

Energy is noted in the book, as both the euphemism and literal reference. Metaphorically, energy refers to the driving forces behind the actions of human beings with/against fellow human beings, the fuel of the island mentality that feeds on the ideals of labeling ‘others’ for ones life and existence.

And in literal sense, energy refers to the way personal and social lives of the various economies in the world are becoming subservient puppets to the whims of fossil oil production. And in being so, collectively compromising the sublime values of human solidarity: justice, equality, peace, morality.

Eyes and Mist thus urges that it is high time for the world to look seriously at the solutions proposed by Nikola Tesla, half a century ago, as the free energy concept both metaphorically and literally appeals to humanity in a way that frees man from being the consumer.

(From the author)

About the Author

An emerging Pan-African novelist, Tariku Abas Etenesh was born in Addis Ababa. While he was a high school senior he wrote a play in the English language on the theme of Africa and its plights. Some years later – at Bahirdar University – he revised the play and it was performed at Art’s Night by members of the University Cultural Centre. Another of his plays, Andromeda: The Ethiopian Princess was staged by theatrical arts students at Addis Ababa University.

Librarian’s Comments

It is a novel of high literary merit.

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