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Bibliothèques Municipales, Genéve, Switzerland

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McSweeney's Books, USA


Alessandro Baricco      

Translated from the original Italian by Ann Goldstein

2014 Longlist

The secular and the pious. The rich and the poor. Those with “a capacity for destiny” and those who “cannot afford it.” Alessandro Baricco’s new novel, Emmaus, is a world of stark contrasts, one in which four young men—all from proud, struggling families, and all lusting after Andre, a hyper-sexual woman—are goaded from adolescence to manhood in a torrent of exploits and crises, sexual awakenings and morbid depressions, naivety and fatalism.

A brilliant portrait of the perils and uncertainties of youth and faith, Emmaus is a remarkable novel from one of the very best writers in Europe.

(From Publisher)

About the Author

Alessandro Baricco is a writer director, and performer. He has won the Priz Médicis Étranger in France and the Selezione Campiello, Viareggio, and Palazzo al Bosco prizes in Italy.

Librarian’s Comments

Baricco writes about his personal experience of losing faith. He shows how faith can give fullness and also, how you can give it up. A very sensitive and personal novel.

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