Nominated by:

The National Library of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpar

Publisher of nominated edition:

Sano Resources, Malaysia

Don’t Forget to Remember

Sonia Mael      

2017 Longlist

This is a poignant love story of two people who came from diverse backgrounds and cultures, cruelly separated by a scheming mother who wished to preserve her class and status.

He was six feet tall, smart and elegant, with the persona of a wealthy and cultured man bred in a world of sophistication and old money. With his handsomely hewn patrician features, he had that magnetism that could attract any woman he wanted, yet the first time his eyes fell on her, he became completely enamoured.

She was a petite beauty born and bred in a simple agrarian community, totally unaware of the allure that she projected, her dazzling smile that captivated him or the magical feminine aura that drew him to her. Yet she was completely alien to his world.

They were drawn to each other like two powerful magnets. The differences in their background and upbringing complemented whatever was lacking in each other’s makeup and ultimately cemented their love.

(from publisher)

About the Author

Sonia writes about the lives, cultural and traditions of the people of Malaysia from a historical point of view, often through a reflective and poignant story telling perspective.

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