Nominated by:

The State Library of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Publisher of nominated edition:

Penguin Books Australia


James Bradley      

2017 Longlist

Compelling, challenging and resilient, over ten beautifully contained chapters, Clade canvasses three generations from the very near future to late this century. Central to the novel is the family of Adam, a scientist, and his wife Ellie, an artist. Clade opens with them wanting a child and Adam in a quandary about the wisdom of this. Their daughter proves to be an elusive little girl and then a troubled teenager, and by now cracks have appeared in her parents’ marriage. Their grandson is in turn a troubled boy, but when his character reappears as an adult he’s an astronomer, one set to discover something astounding in the universe.

Author James Bradley shifts us subtly forward through the decades, through disasters and plagues, miraculous small moments and acts of great courage. Elegant, evocative, understated and thought-provoking, it is the work of a writer in command of the major themes of our time.

(from publisher)

About the Author

James Bradley’s books include three novels, Wrack, The Deep Field and The Resurrectionist; a book of poetry, Paper Nautilus; and the nonfiction work The Penguin Book of the Ocean. His novels have all won or been shortlisted for major literary awards and been widely translated.

Librarian’s Comments

The subject matter of this novel – climate change – is relevant and thought-provoking, but through the author’s skillful treatment is handled with elegant prose and well-observed characterisation. This is an urgent and compelling climate novel for our times.

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