Nominated by:

The State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

Publisher of nominated edition:

Allen & Unwin, Australia


Moira McKinnon      

2016 Longlist

An isolated property in the middle of Western Australia, just after the Great War. An English heiress has just given birth and unleashed hell. Weakened and grieving, she realises her life is in danger, and flees into the desert with her Aboriginal maid. One of them is running from a murderer; the other is accused of murder.

Soon the women are being hunted across the Kimberley by troopers, trackers and the man who wants to silence them both. How they survive in the searing desert and what happens when they are finally found will take your breath away.

(from publisher)

About the Author

Dr Moira McKinnon graduated in medicine from the University of Western Australia and travelled widely as a specialist in population health. She sees a loss for modern society in the casting away of the knowledge of indigenous cultures and believes understanding the relationship that indigenous people had with the land is an important part of the future of wellbeing of the environment and humankind. Cicada is Moira’s first novel. She currently lives in Canberra with her husband and two children.

Librarian’s Comments

Cicada was selected by Victoria public librarian vote from a list of nominations complied by the State Library of Victoria.

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