Nominated by:

The National Library of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpar

Publisher of nominated edition:

Jemari Seni Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia

Bits of Heaven

Aishah Madadiy      

2017 Longlist

Akeed Yahya is a PhD student at the Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, United States of America. His objective in life is to discover the authentic essence of virtues through his involvement in watchdog journalism. Having faced great ordeals during this journey, like being shot in the city of Fallujah in the Iraqi Al-Anbar province, there are two traits he simply cannot brush aside – tender solicitude and persistent inquisitive nature. These traits have driven him to travel to the Middle East to contend with some hard-truths about Egypt’s conflict and the aftermath of the Iraq War.

(from publisher)

About the Author

Aishah Madadiy holds a Master of Arts in Philosophy from King’s College London, and wishes to pursue a PhD in the same field. She has published two Malay novels with Jemari Seni, and has her own group of followers. She believes every virtuous person deserves to savour the best bits of heaven.

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