Nominated by:

Rudomino State Library for Foreign Literature, Moscow, Russia

Publisher of nominated edition:

Faber & Faber, UK

Anatomy of a Soldier

Harry Parker      

2018 Longlist

Imagine if your whole life changed in the blink of an eye . . .

Captain Tom Barnes is leading British troops into a war zone when he is gravely injured by an exploding IED. This devastating moment and the transformative months that follow are narrated here by forty-five objects, telling one unforgettable story.

About the author

Harry Parker grew up in Wiltshire. He was educated at Falmouth College of Art and University College London. He joined the British Army when he was 23 and served in Iraq in 2007 and Afghanistan in 2009 as a Captain. He is now a writer and artist and lives in London.

(from publisher)

Librarian’s comments

A new form of narrative approach to realities of the inner world of man and his perception of external surroundings under the burden of personal tragedy brought about by war, and its utter brutality. Merging of subtle psychological analysis, minuscule study of material objects of human everyday existence and deep philosophical comprehension of the human lot makes this novel an outstanding piece of creative writing.

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