Nominated by:

Aarhus Kommunes Biblioteker, Denmark

Stavanger Bibliotek, Norway

Publisher of nominated edition:

Seagull Books, India and UK

Against Art

Tomas Espedal      

Translated from the original Norwegian by James Anderson

2013 Longlist

In contemporary Norwegian fiction Tomas Espedal’s work stands out as uniquely personal; it can be difficult to separate the fiction from Espedal’s own experiences. In that vein, his novel Against Art is not just the story of a boy growing up to be a writer, but it is also the story of writing. Specifically, it is about the profession of writing—the routines, responsibility, and obstacles. Yet, Against Art is also about being a father, a son, and a grandson; about a family and a family’s tales, and about how preceding generations mark their successors. It is at once about choices and changes, about motion and rest, about moving to a new place, and about living.

(From Publisher)

About the Author

Tomas Espedal is the author of several novels and prose collections.

Librarians’ Comments

In this novel Tomas Espedal mixes fragments of his personal family history as a son and a father with moral and aesthetic reflections of being a writer.

A poetic book about lived life – beautifully written. Takes your breath away!

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