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Biblioteca de Andalucía, Granada, Spain

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Scribe, UK

Atria Books, USA

A Vineyard in Andalusia

María Dueñas      

Translated from the Spanish by Nick Caister and Lorenza Garcia

A sweeping historical epic by an author whose novels have sold over 6 million copies worldwide.

  1. A ruined silver-mine owner sets sail from Mexico City to seek his fortune in the New World.

Mauro Larrera has just four months to pay his creditors, or his bankruptcy will be revealed and his family’s honour will be in tatters. In magnificent Havana — home to beautiful women and dangerous men who deal in mysterious trades — he gambles what little he has left on what will become the greatest adventure of his life …

A Vineyard in Andalusia is a novel of glories and defeats; of silver mines, family secrets, vineyards, cellars, and splendid cities of faded grandeur; of unexpected passion, and love in the strangest of circumstances.

Once again, María Dueñas’ powerful storytelling and rich historical detail transport us to a faraway time and place, and on an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime.

About the author

María Dueñas is the author of the New York Times and internationally bestselling novel The Seamstress, a Richard and Judy Book Club pick that has been translated into twenty-five languages and inspired a successful television series, The Time In Between. Dueñas’ previous novel, The Heart Has Its Reasons, was also highly acclaimed, and her books have now sold over 6 million copies worldwide. She holds a PhD in English philology and is currently a professor at the University of Murcia. Dueñas has also taught at American universities, authored several academic articles, and has participated in various educational, cultural, and editorial projects. She lives in Murcia, Spain.

About the translator

Nick Caistor is a translator, journalist, and author of non-fiction books. He has translated some forty books from Spanish and Portuguese, including those by Paulo Coelho, Eduardo Mendoza, Juan Marsé, and Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, and has twice been awarded the Valle-Inclán prize for Spanish translation. He has presented and produced many programs on BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service, and is a regular contributor to The Times Literary Supplement and The Guardian.

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Librarian’s comments:

María Dueñas is the favourite author of Spanish readers and her novels have been acclaimed by literary critics and all of them have been made into movies. In this romantic and historical novel the plot becomes more international, taking place from Andalusia to Mexico (already independent) and Cuba (still Spanish colony) , with the background of the wine trade between Jerez (Cadiz, Spain, birthplace of sherry) and England.

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