José Eduardo Agualusa Winner acceptance speech 21st June

Winner acceptance speech, José Eduardo Agualusa, on winning the 2017 International DUBLIN Literary Award, speech delivered by Daniel Hahn, 21st June in The Round Room, The Mansion House, Dublin.

José Eduardo Agualusa……

Thank you very much. Good morning.

I’m very pleased to be here in Dublin, a city with such a long and rich literary history.

I would like to thank The Lord Mayor and Patron of the Award, Brendan Carr; Owen Keegan, Chief Executive of Dublin City Council; Margaret Hayes, Dublin City Librarian and all the organisers of this prize; the libraries who nominated my book, in Oeiras, Porto, Brasilia and Rijeka, Croatia, and of course the panel of judges…… for this great honour.

I’ve asked my translator to read my speech for me, so as not to torture you with my bad English……

Daniel Hahn……..

My name is José Eduardo Agualusa.

Agualusa is a word that has almost completely disappeared from the Portuguese language. As a surname, it’s rarer still. Old sailors used to use the word to describe a sea that was calm and luminous. I imagine … Continue reading José Eduardo Agualusa Winner acceptance speech 21st June